Karate Classes for Kids

At LKC, we have several different options to choose from to get started in karate. Below are our options and some frequently requested items of information. Call 402-483-5425 to get started on one of these options.

Trial offer: We have a structure of respect, diligence and courtesy built into Karate. We’ve created an environment that children and youth can learn, succeed and thrive in. The classes combine the fun and excitement of karate training with weekly lessons involving character development, physical development and self-defense training including anti-bullying and child predator awareness training. This trial program allows new students to experience a full 4 weeks of karate training for a period that provides an absolute assurance that LKC is indeed the place for your child! For only $99.00, your child can practice at the school for up to 3 times per week for a full 4 weeks! For 2 or more kids in the same family, we can get everyone involved in the same trial for only $189.00!


Our basic memberships are 12 month programs that are all-encompassing in terms of cost and benefit.
Two members
Second member is considered a sibling. Third, fourth or more members (siblings) train for no additional charge.
Monthly Option
This option is for members that do not feel comfortable committing to any type of term. Under this option, members simply pay on a monthly basis. If a member decides not to continue, a notification by the 15th of the month prior to the next month is sufficient. This membership does not include testing and promotion fees however, and those will need to be paid separately, as those events occur.
Attend 1 class/week option
This membership level is intended solely for students that for some reason (live out of town/live far away, etc.) that will only be able to attend class once per week. All other membership options are for an average of twice per week/up to three times per week.
3 month option
Intended for students that may not be able to commit to our 12 month option, this option includes classes up to three times per week and the testing/promotion fees. This option is paid all at once and not in monthly installments.
Junior Tigers
Our very young students, (4 and 5 year olds) train on 4 week cycles. So, memberships at this level are paid simply at the time of service. So, a student might do a 4 week class, take a break and return to the next week session. Sessions generally start at the 1st of a month and then end at or near testing day at the end of the month.


Beginner level classes
Jr. Tigers (4/5 years)
Monday and Wednesday: 4:45p-5:15p
Saturday: 12:15-12:45p

Tigers (6-8.5 years)
Tuesday and Thursday: 4:45-5:25p
Saturdays: 11:20-12:00p

Dragons (9-15 years)
Tuesday and Thursday: 5:30p-6:10p
Saturdays: 10:30a-11:15a

New students are encouraged to attend at least twice per week but may attend all three classes

Advanced students have additional classes they will attend.


  1. Is there an initiation fee? No
  2. Is there a registration fee? No
  3. Is there a paperwork or handling fee? No
  4. Are there association/organization dues on an annual or some other basis? No
  5. Are there billing fees associated with monthly tuition charges? No
  6. Do I have to sign a contract? No.  However, we do have membership options that range in term and our 12 month memberships include testing and promotion fees and this involves considerable savings.  We want to be as flexible as possible regarding our memberships.
  7. Does my child have to do a trial program? What if they just want to get enrolled in a regular membership? We strongly encourage the trial program just to give things a try to make sure our program is a fit. However, some students are ready to go right away or they have trained before and want to resume at our school. In these cases, students may immediately join as a full member without doing a trial program.
  8. Is there a price break for a second child? There is a price break on the second member on our tuition options.
  9. We have 3 children that want to join karate; do we pay for all 3? LKC memberships allow for payment on the first two family members that join, the third, fourth or even fifth and sixth child are all included in the membership as long as they are old enough to be involved in our classes!
  10. What are the testing fees/promotion and/or belt fees? Testing fees and belt fees are included in the tuition in 12 month programs! Under monthly options, testing/promotion fees are $75.00 per test up to (not including) black belt levels.
  11. Are there any other fees I need to consider? All other purchases such as catalog, retail purchases, etc., are optional. For instance, a student might want to purchase a gear bag or t-shirt, etc., and those items are purchased at the school. We do require that all students have a uniform that corresponds with their training program. In the summer months, we allow students to wear our exclusive summer training uniforms.
  12. What if I refer another person to join? We have an excellent referral rewards program in place for current students that refer new members. Students receive referral rewards for students that join trial programs and even better rewards for students that become full members!
  13. I have other questions: Please call 402-483-KICK (5425) and ask for Scott Walls. Sensei Walls will personally address all membership matters and questions.

KICKS Counseling


  • Does your child/teen have behavioral issues?
  • Does your child/teen have a history of trauma/abuse?
  • Does your child/teen have emotional issues?
  • Has your child/teen been a victim of bullying?
  • Is your child/teen having difficulty at school?
  • Do you need help figuring out an alternative method for helping your child/teen?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Scott Walls, Director of the Lincoln Karate Clinic, can help!

Scott Walls is not only the Chief Instructor at the Lincoln Karate Clinic; he is a state licensed mental health counselor and specialist in child and adolescent mental health. Scott also spent 15 years working with Special Education students and staff members as a behavioral consultant and mental health therapist.

There are several avenues to get the help you need for your child or teen.

Individual counseling
Family Counseling
KICKS Program: There are 3 primary levels for the KICKS program which is a program designed by Walls that integrates counseling and karate for children and teens.

For more information about counseling services you can visit www.kickscounseling.com or just call Scott Walls directly at 402-483-KICK.