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Webb Boys
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My kiddo loves going to karate. Sensei does a fantastic job and focuses on teaching the students how to be well rounded.

Rob Matson
via Google

Scott and his staff do a great job. My son has matured a lot and his confidence has also grown which is an area he struggled in. I cannot say enough good things about this program.

Carla Johnsen
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My student is having fun…and more importantly he is working hard on positive life skills at home. Last night he cleaned and organized his room (his idea) as he worked on his karate responsibility lesson. His room looks great and he was so very proud of it (I’m beaming!)

Josh Wetzler
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I am a brown belt at this dojo and it has been one of the best experiences of my life. It teaches me self discipline and it gets me up and moving. My health and strength has grown greatly during my time here. I 100% recommend this karate clinic to anyone, it'll be the best this for you or whoever is to join.

Kerry Florell
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All 3 of my sons benefited from their years at Lincoln Karate Clinic. It improved balance, physical conditioning, confidence, posture, and discipline. They feel better able to defend themselves when they come into a difficult situation like bullying. I would highly recommend LKC to every youth.

Jason Griess
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Our son Harrison is a blue belt and in the TX class. He does sparring on Saturdays. He has been doing this for about a year and a half and he is consistently attending classes and loves them. It’s great exercise, learning, and discipline for our 8 yr old. We 100% recommend this karate clinic to anyone.

Wendi S
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After researching the multiple martial art centers in Lincoln, we enrolled all of our children at Lincoln Karate Clinic. The energy that Sensei brings into each class is extraordinary. He is naturally gifted in his skill and is tuned in to the unique needs of each of my children.

Stephanie Peitsmeyer
via Google

We wanted our son to do karate to learn self-defense and to help him with his focus and self-control. Not only do we see him learning these skills, but so much more. Our son is extremely excited to be part of the Lincoln Karate Clinic! He loves what he learns there and has the highest respect for Sensei Walls !! As parents, we appreciate not only what the children learn there, but the loving, safe, and encouraging environment. We are very grateful we are part of this community and highly recommend it!!

Noah Mason
via Google

I was a student here throughout my middle school years and into my sophomore year of high school from 2010 to 2013. Attending this dojo and learning under Scott was one of the most rewarding experiences I could have ever asked for. This was such a welcoming, encouraging, and uplifting environment filled with great instructors and many friendly students. I made so many memories here, learned valuable self defense techniques that I still find myself doing in my own free time to this day, got plenty of exercise, and learned how to carry myself with so much poise and confidence during a very difficult time in middle school where I was heavily bullied. I vividly remember using a few nonviolent and peaceful tricks from this dojo in handling bullies who were trying to give me a rough time. I miss attending classes at this dojo every single day, and I am beyond grateful for my time here and for the things I learned and accomplished. I highly recommend everyone to check this place out.

Guila Dunning
via Google

Lincoln Karate helps kids to be the best they can be!! I have seen such wonderful transformation in my sons friend Joey. Joey displays good character and positive outlook to those around him. He represents himself in a respectful courageous way. He is helpful and is very proud of his Karate accomplishments. He has been an excellent role model for my son and those around him. High Five Lincoln Karate Clinic!!!

Owen Kreikemeier
via Google

I’ve been going here for around 5 years now ever since I was in elementary school. I’m now a sophomore in high school. I recently earned my black belt and had a great time working towards it. I’ve always enjoyed being in class and Sensei is a great teacher. I highly recommend this place for children and teenagers, it’s a great environment to learn discipline, confidence, and self-defense. I made a bunch of great friends there and always had a great time! 10/10

Nigora Aminova
via Google

2 years ago I did best decision that chose Lincoln Karate Clinic for my son. Especially huge appreciation to Sensei Scott for his professional teaching skills.

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